Code of Conduct

By accepting membership our Association, an individual agrees to

  1. Practice acupuncture in a safe and competent manner;

2. Be guided at all times, to the best of his or her ability and knowledge, by the patient’s welfare and best interests;

3. Attend to the health needs of all those seeking acupuncture services without discrimination based on any characteristics including, but not limited to, race, religious belief, colour, sex, national or ethnic origin, socioeconomic status or age;

4. At all times practice acupuncture with all the knowledge and ability of which he or she is capable;

5. Not practice acupuncture under conditions that adversely affect the quality of his or her capacity to provide treatment of the patient;

6. Improve his or her knowledge and skill by constantly renewing his or her theoretical and clinical education and by adjusting to modern concepts of the practice of acupuncture;

7. Not mislead patients with respect to information, procedures, equipment or materials;

8. Consult with colleagues or with members of other professions when the consultation, in the acupuncturist’s professional judgment, is in the best interests of his or her patient and shall advise the patient when that consultation is necessary;

9. Keep in strict confidence information about a patient of a professional or personal nature that the acupuncturist acquires in the course of providing health services;

10. Respect the honour, dignity and privacy of the patient during and after any therapeutic encounters;

11. Encourage and engage in co-operative and respectful interaction with qualified members of other healthcare professions;

12. Not denigrate other members of the Association;

13. Act to maintain and raise the standards of the profession of Acupuncture at all times.